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Article 18. Self-Help

(1) A person is not acting unlawfully if, with a purpose for self-defence, he or she takes, destroys or damages a property or, for the same purpose, restrain an obligated person who might hide away, or removes the resistance of the person obligated to tolerate the action if he or she cannot obtain the assistance of competent authorities and if, without an immediate intervention, there is a peril for the exercise of his or her rights to become impossible or substantially burdened.
(2) Self-help may not exceed the limits necessary to remove the risk.
(3) In case of dispossession of property, there sequestration must be immediately sought unless enforcement is obtained.
(4) If he or she is restrained, the obligated person must be immediately brought in front of the competent authority.
(5) A person who resorts to any of the steps falling within paragraph (1) and wrongfully assumes it is entitled to self-help is bound to repair the loss caused to the other party, even if it has no fault in its wrongful assumption.

Article 904. Excuse due to an impediment

Article 1. Scope