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Article 19. Reparation of loss

(1) Subject to law, a person whose right or legally recognized interest was violated may seek full reparation of the pecuniary and non-pecuniary loss caused thereby.
(2) Pecuniary loss includes expenses which the infringed person incurred or will incur for the purpose of reinstating its violated right or legally recognized interest, loss of or damage to its property (actual loss), as well as profits lost as a consequence of violation of the right or legally protected interest (lost profits).
(3) Non-pecuniary loss (moral loss) includes pain and suffering, as well as reduction in the quality of life. In case of personal injury, non-pecuniary loss also includes loss or reduction in a capacity of the human body (biological loss).
(4) Loss of chance is to be repaired only if it consists in the actual and certain disappearance of a favourable eventuality. The measure of this loss corresponds to the lost chance and cannot be equal to the advantage that would have resulted from the chance if it had materialized.
(5) Reparation of loss implies the reinstatement of the infringed person in the situation where it would have been should the loss not have occurred.
(6) In lieu of reparation of pecuniary loss under paragraphs (2) and (5), the infringed person may seek from the person responsible for the loss the recovery of the entire profits the latter obtained in connection with the causation of loss. This rule applies only to the extent that the law or contract provides for such a measure of pecuniary loss or if the application of such a measure of pecuniary loss is reasonable in the circumstances.

Article 904. Excuse due to an impediment

Article 1. Scope