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Article 2180. Heirs on intestacy of the third degree

(1) Heirs on intestacy of the third degree are the grandparents of the deceased and their descendants.
(2) If the grandfather and grandmother are living, they inherit alone and in equal shares.
(3) If a grandparent of one set of grandparents is no longer living, the place of the deceased grandparent is taken by his descendants. Where there are no descendants, the share of the deceased grandparent falls to the other grandparent of the same set and, if the other grandparent is no longer living, to the other grandparent’s descendants.
(4) If one set of grandparents are no longer living at the time of the devolution of an inheritance and there are no descendants of the deceased grandparents, the other grandparents inherit if they are living, and if they are not living, then their descendants inherit.
(5) To the extent that descendants take the place of their parents or more remote forebears, the provisions governing succession by heirs on intestacy of the first degree apply.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope