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Article 27. Active legal capacity of a minor who reached 14 years of age

(1) A minor who reached the age of 14 years enters into juridical acts with the consent of a parent, adopter or a curator, and, in the cases required by law, additionally with the authorisation of the guardianship authority.
(2) A minor who reached the age of 14 years may, without the consent of a parent, adopter or curator:
a) dispose of his or her salary, scholarship or other income originated from own his or her activities;
b) exercise copyright in respect of scientific, literary or artistic works, of inventions or another result of intellectual activity protected by the law;
c) make deposits in financial institutions and dispose of such deposits under law;
d) enter into any of the juridical acts provided for in Article 28 paragraph (2).
(3) For good reasons a minor may be limited by a court, upon the request of his parents, adopter or a curator, in his or her rights provided for by paragraph (2)(a) and (b).
(4) For good reasons and if the interests of a minor so demand, a court may establish a judicial measure of protection in respect of a minor who reached the age of 14 years and appoint an interim protector, a curator or, as they case may be, a tutor to the minor. The judicial measure of protection so established may not exceed the date of coming of age of the minor. The legal provisions on measures of protection of adults apply mutatis mutandis to the judicial measures of protection of a minor.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope