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Article 432. Provisional registration

(1) In addition to other cases provided for by law, provisional registration may be sought:
a) if the acquisition of the registrable right is subject to a condition precedent or subsequent, including if, an arrest or prohibition is applied in respect of the registrable right and the juridical act of disposal provides the acquisition of such a right under the condition precedent of the removal of such an arrest or prohibition;
b) if, under a final judgment or in respect of which immediate enforcement is ordered, but which is not irrevocable, the person was obligated to transfer, establish or extinguish a registrable right;
c) if a registered right provisionally registered is being acquired or encumbered with a real right;
d) if both parties consent to merely the making of a provisional registration, by express stipulation in the contract or by a joint statement in writing unless the law required notarisation.
(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1)(a), ownership is in particular acquired under a condition precedent where it is transferred:
a) under a contract of sale and purchase providing that the seller retains ownership before payment of all amounts due by the purchase under that contract (retention of title);
b) under a leasing contract providing that the lessee acquires ownership after the full performance of its obligations under that contract.
(3) Under an express stipulation the contracting parties may exclude provisional registration for the benefit of the acquirer and provide that, instead, it will be noted in the register.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope