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Article 485. Possession through a possession-agent

(1) For the purposes of the exercise of possession, a possession-agent is a person:
a) who exercises direct physical control over the property on behalf of a possessor, without the intention and specific legal relationship required under Article 484 (3); or
b) to whom the possessor may give binding instructions as to the use of the property in the interest of the possessor.
(2) A possession-agent may, in particular, be:
a) an employee of the possessor or a person exercising a similar function; or
b) a person who is given physical control over the property by the possessor for practical reasons.
(3) A person is also a possession-agent where that person is accidentally in a position to exercise, and does exercise, direct physical control over the property for a possessor.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope