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Article 555. Condominium ownership

(1) Where a condominium has been formed, exclusive ownership in the unit and the share of the common ownership to the common parts form an undivided unity (condominium ownership) and may not be separately transferred or encumbered. Any term to the contrary is void.
(2) A condominium represents the totality of immovable property formed of land together with one or several buildings, subject to the law, where there are:
a) residential premises, non-residential isolated premises or parking lots within the building if they meet the requirement set out by legislation, built or to be built, registered under a separate cadastral number in the register of immovable property (units). Units are subject to exclusive ownership; and
b) land and parts of the building within the condominium which are not units and are meant for use of all or some of the condominium owners, and other property which, under law or the constitutional instrument of the condominium, are meant for the common use or all or some of the condominium owners (common parts). Common parts are subject to forced and perpetual common ownership.
(3) For the purposes of paragraph (2)(b), condominium land is the land, subject to the established borders, on which the condominium building is located and the related land necessary for the proper servicing and exploitation of the building and, in case of residential buildings, to ensure the social and residential needs of the members of the condominium, which forms the divided common ownership of all condominium owners. Where the owners of the common parts hold solely a right of superficies in respect of the condominium land or another right provided by the legislation, then the right in respect of the land is included in the common parts, and references to land are deemed references to such right in respect of the land.
(4) Upon change of the holder of the exclusive ownership of the unit, the new owner also acquires the share in the common ownership. Any term to the contrary is void.
(5) The manner of formation and administration of condominium property is regulated by law.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope