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Article 572. Common undivided property of the spouses

(1) Property acquired by the spouses during marriage is their common undivided property if, under law or their contract, another legal regime is not established for such property.
(2) Any property acquired by the spouses during marriage is presumed their common undivided property until proven otherwise.
(3) Where the common property is a right that under the law is acquired by way of registration in a public register, and the right is registered solely on one of the spouses, any spouse may ask that a notation is made in the public register that the right is the common property of the spouses.  Absent this notation, the status of the common property of such right may not be invoked against a third party acquirer of the registered right or of an encumbrance over such right unless it proven that the acquirer was aware of this status some other way.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope