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Article 907. Failure to notify non-conformity

(1) If, in the case of an obligation to supply property, execute works or provide services, the debtor supplies property, executes works or provides services which are not in conformity with the terms regulating the obligation, the creditor may not rely on the lack of conformity unless the creditor gives notice to the debtor within a reasonable time specifying the nature of the lack of conformity.
(2) The reasonable time runs from the time when the property is supplied or work or the service is completed or from the time, if it is later, when the creditor discovered or could reasonably be expected to have discovered the non-conformity.
(3) The debtor is not entitled to rely on paragraph (1) if the failure relates to facts which the debtor knew or could reasonably be expected to have known and which the debtor did not disclose to the creditor.
(4) This Article does not apply where the creditor is a consumer

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope