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Article 921. Termination notice

(1) The right to terminate is exercised by the entitled party by notice in writing to the other contracting party.
(2) The entitled party, if it relies on a legitimate interest, may, instead of termination under paragraph (1), ask a court to terminate by way of judgment.  Under the Civil Procedure Code, the entitled party may amend the action of termination in an action of specific enforcement of the contractual obligation and vice versa.
(3) Where a notice made under Article 917 provides for automatic termination if the debtor fails to perform in the additional period granted by notice, termination occurs, without further notice, upon expiration of such a period or a reasonable period after such notice of grant of additional period (which must be longer than the period granted by such latter notice).

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope