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Article 23. The Association’s Charter

(1) The charter of the association shall specify:
a) the legal form of organization;
b) the full name;
c) the registered office;
d) the address and cadastral number of the condominium building whose condominium owners are members of the association;
e) the governing and control bodies;
f) the voting system applicable at the general meeting according to Article 38;
g) other data permitted by this law.

(2) The association’s charter:
a) must be concise and comprehensible, without repeating the provisions of this law except as strictly necessary to present the context;
b) under the penalty of absolute nullity, may not deviate from the provisions of this law to the detriment of the condominium owner. In particular, the association’s charter may not modify the quorum and voting requirements of the association’s bodies and may not reduce the competencies of the association’s general meeting.

(3) The relevant ministry publishes a recommended model charter for the association, following consultation with authorities and the general public. The Public Services Agency suggests applicants use the model charter published by the relevant ministry. The recommended model of the charter is not mandatory.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations