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Article 28. The Purpose and Civil Capacity of the Association

(1) The association is established in accordance with this law and is entitled to engage in types of activities related to achieving the purposes resulting from this law, including:
a) organize the decision-making process by the condominium owners and their execution in relation to each owner and third parties;
b) represent its members’ interests in acquiring rights over the common parts or expanding these rights or the surface area of the common parts; manage, service, operate, rehabilitate, modernize, reconstruct the common parts and construct additional rooms and objects of common use in the condominium;
c) allocate the association’s expenses according to this law and ensure their collection; forming funds and reserves for implementing the association’s purposes;
d) conclude contracts for intermediated services and assist with their implementation, within the limits of this law, or, where appropriate, ensure the process of contracting between service providers and owners;
e) lease elements of the common parts;
f) ensure the use of the unit and the common parts by the entitled persons in the manner and conditions resulting from this law;
g) inform owners and competent authorities about all aspects related to the condominium and association.
(2) The association is entitled to open and operate bank accounts according to its needs.
(3) Owners bear subsidiary and proportional responsibility to the contribution quota for obligations assumed by the association under the resolution of the general meeting of owners or this law.
(4) The association may establish public associations under the conditions of Law No. 86/2020 on non-commercial organizations and may become a member thereof.
(5) The association is prohibited from concluding legal acts concerning the free transfer of the association’s goods or rights, including concerning the remission of debt, free renunciation of an acquired right, as well as legal acts concerning the establishment of a real or personal guarantee to secure the obligations of a third party.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations