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Article 35. Convocation of the General Meeting and Notice

(1) The general meeting is convened at least annually by the administrator of the association:
a) upon the initiative of the association’s administrator;
b) based on the decision of the council or at the request of the council’s chairperson;
c) based on the decision of the audit committee (auditor);
d) upon a request in text form by the owners of at least 10% of the condominium units.
(2) The general meeting is convened within 14 days from the receipt of the request referred to in para. (1)(b) or (c), or the request referred to in para. (1)(d). If the association’s administrator fails to convene the general meeting within the specified period, the general meeting is convened by the requesting body or by the requesting owners independently.
(3) At any time before the convening of the general meeting, each owner is entitled to request the association to include on the agenda of the immediately following general meeting certain items, provided that these relate to the competence of the general meeting and are accepted by the majority of the members of the association present at the meeting. The association does not have the right to alter the wording of the agenda items proposed by the owner.
(4) The notice regarding the convocation of the general meeting includes the date and place of the general meeting (in case of a meeting with presence or in mixed form), the agenda (including the issues requested in accordance with para. (3)), the location and method of accessing the preparatory materials of the meeting corresponding to the agenda, as well as the information concerning the attendance required for the general meeting be quorate. The notice is sent in text form in one of the following ways, at the choice of the person convening the meeting:
a) in person, by way of signing on a counterpart of the notice or in the summons table, provided that the complete text of the notice appears on the page of the summons table where the signature is affixed;
b) by placement in the mailbox of the unit, if the owner has not previously requested the exclusion of this method of sending notices;
c) by postal delivery; or
d) in accordance with Article 31.
(5) In the cases provided for in para. (4) (b)-(d), the period that must elapse between the date of placement according to para. (4)(b) or, as the case may be, the dispatch of the notice according to para. (4)(c) or (d) and the date of the meeting shall be at least 10 days. The association is not required to verify whether the notice according to para. (4)(b), (c), or (d) has been received by the addressee.
(6) The owners are notified about the meeting and participate in the general meeting personally or via an authorized representative, including on the basis of authorizations drawn up by the owner in text form.
(7) Any defect consisting of failure to give notice and/or breach of the manner and deadline of making the notice about the general meeting held in-person or in mixed form shall be deemed cured with respect to the owner who:
a) has signed in the summons table according to para. (4)(a); or
b) has registered as a participant at the respective general meeting according to Article 36 para. (4).

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 10. Components of a Condominium