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Article 73. Works of Common Interest Affecting an Owner

(1) An owner may not oppose the execution of works of common interest by the association, including on its own unit, lawfully resolved by the general meeting, provided that the outcome of the works does not affect the destination, area, and use of their unit. If such works are possible through an alternative solution, without affecting the unit, the alternative solution should be chosen if it does not entail disproportionate costs or risks.

(2) An owner who suffers damage due to the execution of works by the association, either because of a definitive decrease in the value of their unit, a serious disturbance in the use of the unit, even if temporary, or due to degradations, is entitled to compensation. In the case of total temporary deprivation of the use of the unit, the general meeting decides on granting, to the requesting owner, an advance on compensation to cover at least the cost of living elsewhere. The advance is accounted for in the final compensation.

(3) The advance on compensation or the final compensation owed following the execution of works of common interest is paid by the association. This expense of the association is distributed among the condominium owners in proportion to each one’s participation in the cost of the respective work.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations