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Article 1. Scope

(1) This law governs:
a) the property relationship in a condominium;
b) the organization of condominium owners in an association;
c) other legal relationships related to the relationships provided for in sub-paragraphs (a) and b).
(2) This law also governs the simplified mechanism of passing:
a) of certain existing immovables to the property regime of condominium provided by this law;
b) of owners of certain existing immovables to the forms of organization provided by this law.
(3) This law applies to all condominiums, regardless of the residential or non-residential use of the building or of the condominium unit save as otherwise provided in this law.
(4) The provisions of this law apply mutatis mutandis in the cases where the owner of the building or of the unit holds only a right of superficies in respect of the condominium land or a right of another type as provided by legislation.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 10. Components of a Condominium