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Article 104. Certain Implementation Provisions of this Law by the Government and Local Public Authorities

(1) Within 6 months from the date of publication of this law, the Government will:
a) present proposals to the Parliament for aligning legislation with this law;
b) bring its normative acts into accordance with this law;
c) develop, through consultation with local public administration authorities, and approve a state program ensuring the state registration of property in all residential buildings that meet the qualities of a condominium, for the consolidation or modernization of the building, for thermal rehabilitation and energy efficiency, so as to meet the minimum performance requirements; identify funding sources for program actions;
d) ensure the identification, inventory, and record-keeping of common parts adjacent to buildings that meet the qualities of a condominium and are owned by the state;
e) develop the concept of the “Governmental Information and Participation Platform in Condominium Administration (e-Condominium)”, which will also ensure:
– systematization of information about the technical condition of buildings that are part of condominiums;
– disclosure of information to condominium owners by the condominium owners’ association and the manager;
– access and payment of bills and other payment notices addressed to condominium owners;
– receiving notifications (including those containing complaints and petitions) from condominium owners addressed to the condominium owners’ association or the manager;
– electronic voting at the general meeting;
– public access to the annual summary sheets of the association;
f) develop regulations regarding the distribution among condominium owners, taking into account different factual situations of condominiums:
– some categories of expenses of the association;
– payments for certain categories of intermediated services, including the distribution of differences between the building’s measuring equipment and the individual units’ equipment;
g) develop regulations on the functioning of the repair and modernization fund;
h) develop other regulations necessary for the implementation and operation of this law.

(2) Local public administration authorities, within their available financial resources and legal competencies, will take the necessary measures to implement this law.

(3) The funding of works in the housing-communal domain from public budgets will be approved based on the provisions of this law, exclusively for contributions to the common expenses of condominiums where there is state or administrative-territorial unit property, or through special programs, approved for rehabilitation and repairs of buildings that have been registered according to law.

(4) Local public administration authorities have the right to financially contribute to improvement works of buildings in condominiums (including for consolidation or modernization of the building, for thermal rehabilitation and energy efficiency), if these works are part of the local development plan and only within the limits of budgeted and available financial funds. In this case, the competent local public administration authority develops a project (or, as appropriate, a project draft) and requests the association’s acceptance through a resolution of the general meeting.

(5) In applying Article 59, until the model of the endorsement is approved by the Ministry of Justice according to Article 59 paragraph (3), a free-form endorsement will be used.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 105. Modification of Related Normative Acts