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Article 16. Reconstruction of the Condominium Building and Other Works

(1) A reconstruction that involves performing works of adding storeys, attic conversion, modernization, alteration, replanning with volume expansion, consolidation of the structural frame or load-bearing elements, and major repairs of the building in the condominium with the aim of expanding the volume of rooms, while maintaining the general technical and economic indices of the object under reconstruction and the architectural decor of the condominium, is carried out under the condition of:

1) prior conclusion of a civil partnership contract or another corresponding contract between the association, on one part, and the acquirers of the newly formed units and beneficiaries of the modification of existing units, on the other part. This contract stipulates:
a) the method of financing the reconstruction works, contributions to the fund, and payment deadlines for the contributions established;
b) estimation of the volumes of work to be executed with the owners’ own forces;
c) payments and/or other services rendered in favor of the condominium owners in exchange for the admission of reconstruction works;
2) approval of the act of modification of the condominium establishment act according to Article 8, to which the project documentation and the corresponding building permit will be annexed.

(2) The provisions of Article 6 apply correspondingly to the registration in the immovable property register of the new units or modifications to existing units, as well as their rights.

(3) Works to improve the comfort of the building, including engineering networks, elements of the common use infrastructure, and similar, within the existing parameters, are carried out with the condition of prior approval by the resolution of the general meeting, unless the law stipulates otherwise.

(4) The owner may improve or modify the unit they own, without endangering the structural integrity of the building or the spaces of other owners and without modifying the engineering communications.

(5) All owners are obliged to take necessary measures for the consolidation or modernization of the building, for thermal rehabilitation, and energy efficiency, so as to ensure the minimum energy performance requirements in accordance with the regulatory acts in the field. Regardless of the nature of the interventions, the architectural decor of the condominium will be maintained.

(6) In buildings affected by earthquakes, owners are obliged to take urgent measures for their consolidation, to contribute with their share of contributions to the financing of the works, as well as to seek the financial and/or material support of the public authorities.

(7) The reconstruction works mentioned in paragraph (1) of this article are carried out in compliance with the legislation in the field of construction, Law No. 128/2014 on the energy performance of buildings, and Law No. 75/2015 on housing.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations