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Article 54. Contribution to the Fund

(1) An association’s administrator is required to include on the agenda of each annual general meeting the issue regarding the status of the fund and the establishment or modification of contributions to the fund.
(2) After hearing a report on the condominium’s situation and recommendations from the association’s bodies, the general meeting resolves on establishing contributions to the fund (in the form of periodic payments, lump-sum payments, etc.) or the refusal to establish contributions at such meeting.
(3) The general meeting’s resolution on establishing contributions to the fund is final until it is modified or revoked by another resolution of the general meeting.
(4) Each owner’s contribution to the fund is proportional to the share allocated to its unit.
(5) The general meeting may exempt certain owners from the obligation to pay the contribution to the fund or may establish differentiated payment schedules for contributions to the fund for owners who are socially vulnerable persons.
(6) An owner is bound to pay the contribution to the fund established according to this law.
(7) The payment invoice issued to owners must specify the amount of the contribution for the fund in a separate line.
(8) The association’s collections as contributions to the fund are not subject to any taxation in any form.
(9) In the event of a change in the unit’s owner, the previous owner is not entitled to the reimbursement of its share from the balance of the fund’s resources or the reimbursement of any payments made in accordance with the association’s resolutions.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations