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Article 89. Establishment of the Condominium in Buildings Put into Operation After the Entry into Force of this Chapter

(1) The land, the building put into operation after the entry into force of this chapter, and isolated rooms within the building registered with a distinct cadastral number are declared condominiums by virtue of this law from the date of their operation and registration of all isolated rooms, provided that the following cumulative conditions are met:
a) the building is put into operation after the entry into force of this Chapter based on a construction permit issued before the entry into force of this chapter;
b) at the date of the building’s operation, it contains one or more isolated rooms that are, or are going to be, registered in the register of immovable property with a distinct cadastral number.

(2) The provisions of Article 88 paragraphs (2)-(9) apply correspondingly to the condominium declared according to paragraph (1) of this Article.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations