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Article 1830. Conclusion of the insurance contract

(1) For the conclusion of an insurance contract, a policy holder submits to the insurer an application or a questionnaire (the policy holder’s application) in writing, indicating his interest in the insurance or orally stating that it wishes to enter into an insurance contract. The oral statement does not exempt from the requirement to submit a written application for insurance.
(2) An insurance contract shall be entered in writing.
(3) The insurance contract is made of the policy holder’s application, the insurance policy issued by the insurer and the applicable general terms and conditions of insurance, as well as other terms and conditions incorporated in the contract under the law.
(4) The provisions of para. (3) do not alter the right of the parties to execute a single instrument in writing incorporating the entire insurance contract.
(5) An insurance contract may not be proven with witnesses, even if there is a beginning of written proof.
(6) If the insurance documents have disappeared due to an event beyond the control of the parties and there is no possibility of obtaining a duplicate, their existence and content may be proved by any means of proof.
(7) The entry into an insurance contract is ascertained by the insurance policy or the insurance certificate issued and signed by the insurer or by the coverage note issued and signed by the insurance broker.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope