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Article 1831. Insurance policy

(1) The insurer is under an obligation to send to the policy holder a counterpart, signed by it, of the insurance policy.
(2) An insurance policy shall indicate:
a) the name, domicile or registered office of the contracting parties;
b) as the case may be, the name, domicile or registered office of the insured and / or beneficiary;
c) as the case may be, the name and registered office of the insurance agent;
d) the object of the insurance;
e) the risks to be insured;
f) the term of the insurance contract (duration of the insurance) and the insurance period;
g) the insured amount and, if agreed, the part of the loss that the insurer does not compensate (deductible);
h) insurance premium, place and payment terms;
i) other data, according to the law or the agreement between the parties.
(3) In the case provided in Article 1830 para. (3), the payment to the insurer of the premium or a tranche thereof shall be treated as acceptance by the contractor of the insurance contract.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope