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Article 1835. Insurance period and duration of insurance

(1) The insurance begins with the first hour of the first day and ends on the 24th of the last day of the agreed insurance period, unless the law or the contract provides otherwise.
(2) A term stipulating that the insurance period starts at a date prior to the conclusion of the contract (retroactive insurance) is valid only if the parties were not aware, at the time of conclusion the contract, of the occurrence of the insured event. If the policy holder knew, at that time, about the occurrence of the insured event, the insurer is not liable to indemnify for that event.
(3) If an insurance contract is entered into for a period exceeding 5 years, each party shall be entitled to the termination of the insurance at the end of the fifth year or of each of the following years, subject to 3 months’ prior notice.
(4) In the case of contracts entered into for an unlimited duration, each party has the right to the termination of the insurance, subject to prior notice of at least one month and at most 3 months.
(5) The agreement by which the insurance contract is considered tacitly extended for a period longer than one year is void.
(6) The insurance period is the time period in which the insurer is liable and for which the premium is established.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope