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Article 1843. Aggravation of Risk

(1) If the insurance contract contains a clause concerning aggravation of the risk insured, the clause shall be without effect unless the aggravation of risk in question is material and of a kind specified in the insurance contact.
(2) If a clause concerning aggravation of the risk insured requires notification of an aggravation by the policy holder, insured or, as the case may be, the beneficiary of the insurance, notification shall be given by it, provided that the person obliged to give notice was or should have been aware of the existence of the insurance cover and of the aggravation of the risk. Notice by another person shall be effective.
(3) If the clause requires notice to be given within a stated period of time, such time shall be reasonable. Notice shall be effective on dispatch.
(4) In the event of breach of the duty of notification, the insurer shall not on that ground be entitled to refuse to pay any subsequent loss resulting from an event within the scope of the cover unless the loss was caused by the aggravation of risk. Other losses resulting from events within the scope of the cover shall remain payable in accordance with Article 1844 para. (3).

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope