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Article 1848. Failure to pay the premium after the beginning of the insurance period

(1) A clause in the insurance contract, providing that the insurance period is suspended or insurer is otherwise relieved of its liability as long as a premium or a tranche of a premium is not paid after the insurance period started running, may be relied upon only if:
a) after the premium falls due, the insurer sends a reminder to the policyholder of the precise amount of premium due, granting an additional period of payment of at least 2 weeks, and warning the policyholder of the imminent suspension of the insurance period if full payment is not made; and
b) the additional period provided in item a) has expired without payment having been made.
(2) The insurance period is suspended after the additional period in para. (1) a) of this Article has expired. The insurance period will be resumed for the future as soon as the policyholder pays the amount due unless the contract has been terminated in accordance with Article 1849.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope