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Article 1852. Claims Cooperation

(1) The policyholder, insured or beneficiary, as appropriate, shall cooperate with the insurer in the investigation of the insured event by responding to reasonable requests, in particular for information about the causes and effects of the insured event, by furnishing documentary or other evidence of the insured event; and also by giving access to premises related thereto.
(2) In the event of any breach of para. (1) and subject to para. (3), the obligation of the insurer shall be reduced to the extent that the insurer proves that it has been prejudiced by the breach.
(3) In the event of any breach of para. (1) committed with intent to cause prejudice or recklessly and with knowledge that such prejudice would probably result, the insurer shall not be obliged to pay the insurance money or indemnity.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope