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Article 1895. Insurer’s Pre-contractual Information Duties

(1) The insurer shall inform the applicant about whether he has a right to participate in profits. The receipt of this information must be acknowledged by an explicit statement contained in a document separate from the application form.
(2) Before entry into the contract, the insurer shall provide the following information:
1) as regards the insurer: a specific reference to the compulsory publication of the annual report on its solvency and financial condition;
2) as regards the contractual commitments of the insurer:
a) an explanation of each benefit and each option,
b) information about the proportion of the premium attributable to each benefit, both main benefits and supplementary benefits, where appropriate;
c) the methods of calculation and distribution of bonuses including a specification of the applicable supervisory law;
d) an indication of surrender and paid-up values and the extent to which they are guaranteed;
e) for unit-linked policies: an explanation of the units to which the benefits are linked, and an indication of the nature of the underlying assets;
f) general information on the tax arrangements applicable to the type of policy.
(3) In addition, specific information shall be supplied in order to facilitate a proper understanding of risks underlying the contract which are assumed by the policyholder.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope