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Article 1913. Right to Continue Cover – Group Life Insurance

(1) If an accessory group life insurance is terminated or if the member leaves the group, the cover ends after 3 months from termination or when the group is left, or with the expiry of the contract for group life insurance, whichever is earlier. When this occurs, the group member shall have a right to equivalent cover under a new individual contract with the insurer concerned without a new assessment of the risk.
(2) The group organiser shall inform the group member in writing without undue delay about
a) the imminent termination of his cover under the contract for group life insurance,
b) his rights under para. (1);
(c) how to exercise those rights.
(3) If the group member has indicated his intention to exercise his right under para. (1), the contract between the insurer and the group member shall continue as an individual insurance contract at a premium calculated on the basis of an individual policy at that time without taking into account the current state of health or age of the group member.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope