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Article 361. Right to revoke an ineffective juridical act

(1) If a person who has entered into a juridical act without the required consent of a third party has stated in bad faith that such consent was obtained or it is not required, the other party may revoke the juridical act before the required is notified to it unless it entered into the juridical act being aware of the absence of consent.
(2) If the third party denied the required consent, any party may revoke the juridical act.
(3) Where the other party applies to the party concluding the juridical act or to the third party seeking delivery of the required consent of the third party, and consent is not notified to the other party within 4 weeks from receipt of the application, unless the law or the juridical act provides for another time limit, the third party is considered to have denied the required consent.
(4) The entitled party exercises the right of revocation provided for in paragraph (1) or (2) by notice to the other party. If the juridical act was revoked under the provisions of this Article, it is deemed not to have been concluded.
(5) The provisions of this Article do not apply to a juridical act of disposition made by a non-entitled person provided for under Article 358.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope