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Article 413. Subject-matter of publicity and ways it is achieved

(1) Rights, acts, and facts relating to the status and capacity of persons, relating to property belonging to them, as well as any legal relationships are subject to publicity in the cases explicitly provided for by law.
(2) The publicity mentioned in paragraph (1) is achieved by way of:
a) the register of immovable property;
b) the register of moveable proprietary security interests;
c) the state register of legal persons;
d) the state register of transportation;
e) the navel register and the navel catalog;
f) the registers held, under law, by the State Agency for Intellectual Property;
g) the register of acts of civil status;
h) the state register of individual entrepreneurs;
i) other forms of publicity provided for by law.
(3) The provisions of this Title apply to the extent the provisions applicable to a certain publicity register or other special legal provisions do not provide otherwise.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope