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Article 492. Self-help of possessor

(1) A possessor or a third person may resort to self-help against another person who unlawfully deprives the possessor of possession of the property, or who otherwise unlawfully interferes with that possession, or whose act of unlawful dispossession or interference is imminent.
(2) The means of self-help are limited to such immediate and proportionate action as is necessary to regain the property or to stop or prevent the dispossession or interference, as well as to remove the usurper from the immovable property.
(3) Under the restrictions of paragraphs (1) and (2) self-help may also be directed against an indirect owner-possessor who unlawfully deprives the limited-right-possessor of possession or interferes with that possession in violation of the specific legal relationship between them. This rule applies equally to an indirect limited-right-possessor who unlawfully deprives the other limited-right-possessor of possession or interferes with that possession.
(4) Where a person in the exercise of a right of self-help conferred by this Article causes loss to the person depriving the possessor of possession or interfering with that possession, the provision on self-defence, extreme necessity or, as the case may be, benevolent intervention applies mutatis mutandis.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope