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Article 64. The Association’s Summary Sheet

(1) An association managing a residential condominium must maintain a summary sheet of the association (hereinafter referred to as the summary sheet), which includes the information set out in paragraph (2). The association must update the summary sheet after the annual general meeting, but no later than July 1 of each year.

(2) The summary sheet includes:
1) identification of the association and the condominium to which the sheet refers:
a) the name and address of the association, the state identification number (IDNO) of the association;
b) the address and cadastral number of the condominium managed by the association;
2) identity of the administrator and, if applicable, the manager:
a) the name and address of the association’s administrator;
b) if applicable, the name and address or headquarters of the manager;
3) technical characteristics of the condominium (if the association has members who are owners in multiple condominiums, it should be indicated separately for each condominium):
a) the total number of residential units;
b) the total number of non-residential units;
c) the number of buildings;
d) the construction period of the buildings;
e) the number and date of the building’s record and its location;
f) the type of heating and, for the collective thermal energy supply system (partial or total) non-circulating, the type of energy used;
g) the number of elevators and the production year of each;
4) financial characteristics of the association:
a) the start and end dates of the financial year and the date of the general meeting that approved the financial statements;
b) the amount of the association’s expenses for current operations;
c) the amount of the association’s expenses for emergency interventions as per Article 45;
d) the amount of the association’s expenses for suppliers for services, remuneration of bodies and employees, and other debts;
e) the amount of unpaid debts to the association;
f) the number of condominium owners whose debt to the association exceeds payments for 3 months;
g) the balance of the repair and development fund;
h) the list of contracts for intermediated services concluded by the association or, if applicable, by the manager and which obligate the condominium owners;
5) the number of employees of the association.

(3) The summary sheet is publicly accessible under the conditions of this law and must not include the personal data of any particular condominium owner.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations