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Article 82. Manager’s Obligations

(1) Unless the property management contract stipulates otherwise, the manager has the following obligations towards the association and the owners in the condominium:
a) monitors the technical condition of the condominium and immediately informs the association if urgent interventions as per Article 45 are necessary, as well as the competent public authorities. If the association does not ensure measures for the urgent intervention, within one month from the first notification to the association about the need for urgent intervention, the manager is obligated and authorized to request, within the limits of this law, the convening of the general meeting including the respective issue on the agenda;
b) develops an annual and long-term plan for maintenance, repair, modernization, and reconstruction of the common parts;
c) ensures, according to the property management contract, the execution of maintenance, repair, modernization, and reconstruction works of the common parts, including land maintenance;
d) performs control over the execution of works by the persons contracted for the maintenance, repair, modernization, and reconstruction of the common parts;
e) monitors the payment of the contribution to the fund and other expenses which, according to this law, are the responsibility of the owners in the condominium, as well as payments for intermediated services;
f) maintains the association’s accounting records and prepares financial statements and other accounting and tax documents;
g) permanently keeps the technical, accounting, and other documentation related to the administration of the condominium and presents it to the owners or the authorized representative of the owners for verification, upon their request;
h) ensures the maintenance and updating of the building’s technical documentation, monitors banking operations, the presentation of financial, tax, and statistical situations, and secretarial activities;
i) provides information on the owners’ debts to the fund, other condominium administration payments, including accounting data of the amounts due, sufficient for their collection;
j) concludes contracts for intermediated services, applying Article 49 accordingly; organizes and monitors the execution of these contracts;
k) examines petitions received from owners and maintains a registry of petitions;
l) fulfills other obligations stipulated by law and the property management contract.

(2) A manager is liable to the owners for the loss caused as a result of the non-performance or improper performance of their obligations in accordance with the law and the property management contract. In the case of improper execution of works, the manager is bound to file claims against the contractor and ensure the defense of the interests of the association and its members.

(3) Owners are not liable for the manager’s debts in case of their insolvency or for the expenses incurred as a result of their activities in other condominiums.

(4) Each year the manager presents to the general meeting an activity report for the previous year. The manager is bound to furnish, upon the request of the association, its bodies, or an owner, the activity reports for each semester.

LPA C civ, art. 29 [Statutory Building Right over Public Rent and Royalty]

Article 100. Making of Registrations and Notations