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Legal Notice

Information on animus.md is not legal advice

With the entry into force on 1 March 2019 of Article 2018 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova, we must underline that the information contained on animus.md does not constitute legal advice and you should not rely on it in specific decision-making. Each case is specific.  We recommend you seek professional legal advice before taking any important decision. Obviously the application of law should be uniform, and similar situations should be treated in a similar fashion. Law should not be a surprise. Experience shows however that the line of conduct of the parties, the running of time, probationary implications, and other relevant circumstances may have an impact on the final outcome of a case.

Observe Copyright

The entire site animus.md and each text, image, or any other elements, taken individually, constitute a work for the purposes of the Law of the Republic of Moldova No. 139 dated 2 July 2010 on Copyright and Related Rights.  The author of a text contained on the site is indicated at the start or end of the text.  If an author is not indicated, it is presumed Octavian Cazac.  Notwithstanding, legal texts (the Civil Code and other laws) or texts of judgments do not belong to the authors on the website and have the legal regime laid down in Article 8 of Law No. 138/2010.  If you believe this site wrongfully attributes copyright over a certain work, contact us with details. Each author reserves all copyright over its work to the fullest extent permitted by law.

What is legal:

  • individual saving of a text on a personal device (using the convert to PDF function) and reading it;
  • Copy + Paste of quotes in limited amounts within another work, for purposes of research or criticism, indicating the source and name of the author (Article 28(a) of Legea No. 139/2010);
  • Copy + Paste of quotes under relevant practice to the extent imposed for a specific purpose, indicating the source and name of the author (Article 28(a) of Law No. 139/2010).  If the information is placed on the internet, the source should indicate an active, i.e. not www.animus.md, but www.animus.md.

Additionally, the authors allow:

  • Copy + Paste of quotes in limited amounts in acts of procedure (legal claims, defences, judgments, or awards), indicating the source and name of the author, and, if needed, attachment to those acts of the source page (using the convert to PDF function).

What is illegal:

  • Copy + Paste of content in breach of the rules above;
  • Copy + Paste of content from the site or of only a few lines without indicating the source and name of the author, in particular by presenting it as your own work (also known as plagiarism);
  • distortion or another modification of the text contained on www.animus.md and presentation as if it is a text obtained from www.animus.md, especially by using PDF editing software.

For individual derogations or licences, please contact us at editor then @ followed by animus.md

Statement on Use of DCFR Commentary

This site uses extended quotes from the DCFR (which is a fundamental source for the modernized Civil Code ).  Although the authors of annotations must indicate that a text is taken over from the DCFR and not to assume paternity over it, they do hold permission from the chief editor of the DCFR, Prof. Christian von Bar, to include on this site an unlimited number of references.  See an extract from the permission notice below.