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Article 424. Constitutive character of the register

(1) Unless the law provides otherwise, registrable rights are established, transferred, encumbered with real rights only through registration in the register provided by law, based on the act or fact which grounds the registration under law.
(2) Unless the law provides otherwise, real rights are extinguished only through their deletion from the register provided by law, with the consent of the holder, given in the form provided for by law. This consent is not required if the right is extinguished by the expiration of the time limit shown in the registration or the death or, as the case may be, the dissolution of its holder, if it was a legal person, as well as in other cases explicitly provided for by law.
(3) If a registrable right that is to be transferred is encumbered with a real right of a third party, the transfer shall be made subject to the preservation of such real right of such a third party unless the law explicitly provides otherwise.
(4) The modification of a registered right is made under the rules applicable to the acquisition of such a right.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope