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Article 437. Notation of a precontract

(1) A precontract whose subject-matter is a registered right may be noted in the register if the promissory is entered in the register as holder of the right forming the subject-matter of the final contract.
(2) Save for other cases provided for by law, a notation of a precontract is to be deleted:
a) if the beneficiary’s claim to seek a judgment in lieu of final contract is time-barred;
b) if the registered right has been finally awarded within enforcement to a third party who is not liable for the obligations of the promissor;
c) if the precontract noted in the registered contains an option and, before the expiration of the time-limit specified by the precontract for the exercise of the option, the beneficiary of the option does not seek, under a notice of exercise of the option and proof of its communication to the other party, the registration or provisional registration of the right subject to registration to be acquired.
(3) Article 442 applies mutatis mutandis in the cases provided for in paragraph (2).

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope