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Article 493. Entitlement to recover as protection of mere possession

(1) Where another person unlawfully deprives a possessor, the latter is, within a preclusion period of one year, entitled to recover the property, irrespective of who has the right or better position to possess the property. The period of one year starts to run at the time of dispossession.
(2) The right to recover may also be directed against an indirect owner-possessor who unlawfully deprives the limited-right- possessor of possession in violation of the specific legal relationship between them. This rule applies equally to an indirect limited-right-possessor who unlawfully deprives the other limited-right-possessor of possession.
(3) The right to recover is excluded if the person seeking to exercise it unlawfully deprived the other limited-right-possessor.
(4) The right to recover may also be directed against a third party which, at the time of acquisition of possession, knew that the possessor was illegally dispossessed by another person.

Articolul 2164. Grounds for inheritance

Article 1. Scope